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About Us

About Us

Aging is inevitable and one of the first and most apparent places our age is revealed is through our skin. The skin is our largest organ. Made up of fats and proteins, water and minerals, its purpose is multifaceted: it regulates our temperature, it acts as a critical barrier protecting us from germs and environmental hazards, and it maintains hydration in our bodies. Our skin is a sensory organ allowing us to feel cold and heat; allowing us to perceive touch. And our skin is a reflection of who we are inside and outside; how much water we drink, how much we love the sun, and how long we have been around. When your skin doesn’t feel like a true reflection of who you are, it is time to explore the products and procedures that can help you reveal healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. It is time to explore Skin Secrets.

The Skin Secrets Difference

Imagine a pathway to clear, beautiful, and healthy skin that is created just for you. We aim to deliver the client journey you need and want with innovative skin care solutions and consistently flawless results. We promise beautiful skin, discreetly done. This is the Skin Secrets difference.

Powerful Scalp Health Treatment: Hydrafacial™ & Keravive™

A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. Skin Secrets now offers Keravive™, a unique treatment designed for anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning, or suffering from excessive flaking, itchiness, dryness, or irritation.

Visit Skin Secrets to cleanse, stimulate and nourish your scalp for fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair in this three simple step program. Spend 40 minutes with us, alongside daily use of the HydraFacial Scalp Health Spray to enhance the benefits of the in-clinic treatment, to deliver daily stimulation and nourishment to your scalp and hair follicles!

Discover The Transformative Secrets Of Advanced Skin Care

Experience the most advanced and innovative skincare solutions available at our upscale Fort Langley boutique clinic. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and skin care specialists will guide you to explore the most transformative medical cosmetic products and technologies available as you restore, renew, and revitalize your skin on a journey that is designed exclusively for you.

Words From Those Who Have Uncovered Their Skin Secrets

Skin Secrets VIP Membership!

We're excited to introduce our new VIP Membership!

Skin Secrets VIP membership helps our clients access advanced and affordable skin care options for beautiful and healthy skin today and for years to come. 


Advanced Skin Care Options

Our Treatments

Conditions We Treat

A Journey Just For You

The journey you take to achieve your goals for beautiful and healthy skin is completely up to you. Opt for an “Express Journey” or commit to a more comprehensive experience and leverage more of the effective treatment options available. Whatever you need to reveal your skin secrets, we can get you there. Here is what you can expect.

1. Timely Skin Service

1. Timely Skin Service

You can choose to book a complimentary consultation or you can dive right in. Book the treatments you want, when you want them, for quick and easy results.

2. Secret Skin Assessment

2. Secret Skin Assessment

If you are unsure what treatment options will help you achieve your goals for beautiful, healthy skin, book your complimentary consultation with our skin care specialists and explore all Skin Secrets services.

A Journey Just For You
3. Secret Skin Planning

3. Secret Skin Planning

Work collaboratively with our team to design a completely customized treatment strategy to achieve the outcomes you desire. We will formulate a plan and a timeline to meet your goals.

4. Secret Skin Transform

4. Secret Skin Transform

Experience the transformative effects of our advanced treatments and enjoy the Skin Secrets elevated approach to self care and skin care as we guide you to achieve your unique goals for optimal skin health and beauty.

The Skin Secrets Team

Skin Secrets Cosmetic Clinic is a medically-directed clinic focused on non-surgical cosmetic solutions driven by science and delivered by experts. Our team is physician-led and committed to delivering exclusively medical-grade treatments. Made up of some of the industry’s top doctors, nurse injectors, and skin care specialists, the Skin Secrets team is skilled and knowledgeable. Meet our team.

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Our staff has years of experience working with clients to help them understand the advantages of developing a healthy body image and caring for their skin. We are dedicated to assisting you in discovering the best version of yourself.

Call the clinic at 1-778-878-7546 or contact us below and begin your journey!

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